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St. Theresa's Parish Council was constituted for the purpose of advising and consulting with our pastor to formulate and develop parish initiatives in areas of need, to evaluate and improve existing programs and to support and promote participation on behalf of the whole community.

Parish Council
The Council meets about twelve times each year.   The members of the Council are elected by the parish community at an annual election and each member serves a three-year term.  The Chair is elected by the whole council and serves a three-year term by agreement of the pastor and the whole council.

The membership of the Parish Council is expected to represent a wide range of concerns and organizations, primarily worship, education, social concerns, youth, and community building.   Individual areas of interest and ministry generally fall into one or more of those categories.  

Susan Sullivan, Chair

Ray Phillips
John Nixon
Pat Brandt
Eniko Swanick
Dr Rodrigo Roldan

Doreen Hines

Karen Schinabeck

Ann Marie Howard

The Parish Council meetings are open to the entire parish community and Parish Council meeting dates and times can be found on the Cluster Calendar.  Please click below to view the minutes from past Parish Council meetings:

Minutes coming soon...

Please contact the Fr. Štefan if you have any questions or concerns.

To view any Parish Council minutes you will need to download the freely available Adobe Reader.

St. Theresa Parish Council